• SAFETY FIRST: Dont want to leave your car to pick up the food inside?

    Just use our new I’M HERE button from your phone.

    Order online and when you get to the parking lot, click the button in your email receipt or in your iNEONS app. We’ll bring it out into your car pronto. Easy peasy!


  • Place an online order just over $30 and save 10% on the entire amount. Use Promo Code "GROUP10" when checking out at our website.
  • Family trays of all sizes are being promoted at 20%-30% off the regular prices. Buy online at our website or in our restaurant. All prices will be reset on May 1st, 2020.

  • "Love it!" - That's what customers are saying about our newest addition to the pho choices. Called Pho Sate, or simply #17, it is built on our award-winning broth, flavored with house-made, wok-toasted sate sauce, a blend of rare steak, lemongrass, peanuts, and garlic so mystical you can't tell them apart, and finally topped with the unusual pho condiments: sliced tomatoes and cucumber.

    Warning: it's a tiny bit spicy, and your mouth will not forget the unforgettable #17 flavors for days after.

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